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Lifestyle improvements shown to improve cognition

October 28, 2020

Recent evidence from The Australian National University suggests that lifestyle changes may help to improve cognition in older adults experiencing cognitive decline.

In the study, 119 individuals over the age of 65 years who were experiencing cognitive decline were randomized to a control group or an intervention group for 8 weeks.

The control group received online information related to dementia and lifestyle risk factors, Mediterranean diet, physical activity, and cognitive engagement. Participants were instructed to implement this information into their own lifestyles.

The intervention group received the same online information, plus active components to assist with implementing this information into their lifestyles: dietitian sessions, an exercise physiologist session, and online brain training.

Over 6 months of follow-up, investigators noted that participants in the intervention group were able to improve their lifestyle and had higher cognition scores than those in the control group.

Lead author, Mitchell McMaster, commented that “what this study adds is that with the right intervention, people experiencing cognitive decline may retain sufficient neuroplasticity for their brain to ‘bounce back’ from decline”.

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